Top 50 Northwest Dog Blogs

As lovers of all things dog-related, the staff at Bone-A-Fide enjoys reading a great post from a dog blog! A while back we put together a list of 50 of our favorite dog blogs found up here in our corner of the country - and have since added to it. We hope that you enjoy our Top Pacific Northwest Dog Blogs as much as we do!

Ahimsa Dog Training Seattle  

The Ahimsa Dog Training blog shares dog training tips and gives particular insight into understanding dogs’ fear. The blog gives a ton of tips that can help keep dogs safe.

Alaska Dog Works

Want to know everything about the training of service and therapy dogs? The Alaska Dog Works blog features great tips and information about dog training, dog etiquette, behavioral studies and more. The blog is a good place to fetch helpful tips for engaging in daily activities with dogs.

All Four Paws

This is a blog penned by Ernest, a Basset Hound who is brightening the lives of two people in Seattle (WA). Ernest hopes to run for public office one day (and he has our vote!). There are tons of cute photos of Ernest from 2006 to today.

Animal Alliance of Washington

Animal Alliance of Washington posts information on their blog about various adoption events they host across Washington State. By hosting adoption events, they meet their mission to save the lives of homeless pets, raise awareness of companion animal welfare issues, and promote healthy relationships between people and pets.

Bailey & Banjo Pet Photography

Bailey & Banjo is one of the top pet photography businesses in Western Washington. Julie hosts “Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer” on the blog, posting a fabulous photo of a dog every day to raise awareness of canine cancer.


Bug and Bandit, two beagles from Everett (WA), share their adventures with humans on this fun blog. The blog also announces beagle events and shares the story about their participation in them.

The Beasts

Margaret shares candid, expressive photos of dogs like Royal the Siberian Husky and the always playful Brock & Alki.

Bella the Blogging Boxer

Bella the Boxer is a member of the working dog category. However, instead of herding sheep or guarding property, Bella’s job is to maintain a sense of energy, enthusiasm and creativity in a marketing firm office in Portland (OR). Bella even published her own book, “Secrets of a Working Dog”. In her blog, she discusses useful content from her book and promotes adoption rescue by giving back 30% of her book sales to this cause.

Blue Collar Dog Treats

Bev, the owner of Blue Collar Dog Treats, blogs about dogs, pets, and various Skagit County (WA) events and businesses. This blog is frequently updated and a fun resource for anything dog-related.

CityDog Blog

Brandie is the voice of "CityDog", a place where readers can keep up with local dog news, events, animal issues and dog tips.


Charlie, a Golden Retriever from Portland (OR), shares his daily activities with cute photos and videos. This blog contains candid pictures of him that are amusing and entertaining.

Cowbelly Pet Photography Blog 

Jamie, a photographer from Seattle (WA), provides beautiful and candid photos of pets and introduces readers to local pet-friendly businesses. With over 4,000 Facebook fans, Cowbelly Pet Photography is very popular and hosts fun events such as their "Cutest Dog Photo" contest.

Dane + Dane Studios

Dane + Dane Studios specializes in pet photography.  The blog shares their beautiful art work capturing dog and human relationships and their playful moments.

DogBlog: A Dog’s Eye View

Julie and Murry Walton (along with their four-legged friend Maggie) highlight Northwest resources for dog lovers. Together the two provide many links to well-done dog and pet-related articles and news stories. Julie also actively reviews pet-related products.

Dog Goes delivers meaningful pet-focused apps and reviews for dog lovers. Their ‘Plan Your Vacation’ app has been selected by Apple as a top app, appearing next to such apps as AirBnB, Foodspotting and Expedia hotels. This blog provides further updates, recognition of the applications and support of non-profit pet rescue/adoption organizations.

Dog Jaunt

The Dog Jaunt travel blog is for people who want to take their small dog along with them, on trips of any length. Mary-Alice provides useful up-to-date information about airline policy, airport pet relief areas, health certificates, under-seat measurements, regional and international airline pet policies and much more.

Dog Splendor

Stefanie is a passionate dog lover, and her desire is to celebrate dogs and their relationship with humans. She shares her immense knowledge in dog-related areas with a mix of great statistics, research studies and her insights.

Dog Time

Dog Time is a Blog Park providing interesting dog snippets such as research studies, product reviews, news reports and dog tips. Blog posts are taken from other dog blogs, thereby attracting a larger audience and more publicity

Dreamy Doodles Northwest

Dreamy Doodle is a wonderful dog blog with lots of helpful content covering a range of dog related topics. From training tips, to informational articles about dog science, this blog is a must for anyone with a desire to learn more about dogs.

Family Dogs New Life

Family Dogs New Life chronicles homeless sheltered dogs needing permanent homes. The "Promoting a New Life" campaign displays a homeless dog in artsy movie poster form every time with a new dog and design on each one.

Freckle & Ceilidh’s Blog

Freckle is a Boxer and Ceilidh is a Pug, and together they make perfect sisters. This blog is a collection of vignettes about the life and times in Vancouver B.C. through observations about canine-human interactions.

Furkidz 911 Connection’s Blog

Furkidz 911 Dog Rescue’s blog keeps up to date posts on dogs being aided by their organization. With informative tips and articles, it is a good resource for people looking to get involved in helping animals.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

This official blog of Guide Dogs for the Blind tells touching stories of individuals who have lost vision and their journey to partner with guide dogs that have been trained in their organization. Not only do they train and help their partners, but they also develop and nurture long term relationships with their alumni, other constituents and the communities they serve.

Idaho Stockdogging

Idaho Stockdogging keeps up with local events such as the Sheepdog Championship Trial, and various other Sheepdog Trials. There are also very useful resources and links about herding dogs.

Julie Austin Photography

Julie shares her love for pets through photos she has taken of client’s dogs in the beautiful parks around Snohomish, Washington. Julie’s photos are amazingly fabulous, capturing every aspect of the personality and beauty of our pets. Julie says her intent is to capture and immortalize the heart and soul of our beloved companion pets.

Jemma the Long-Haired Chihuahua

With her special talent for photography, Kathy shares Jemma and Tofu’s adorable photos that anyone would love! Tofu is a sweet 4 year old cat. Jemma is a sweet 10 year old Chihuahua who is battling with a form of congenital liver disease called Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia (HMD / MVD). For that reason, Kathy discusses a lot of animal health topics such as microchipping, anal gland care tips, helpful tips for aging dogs and more. Kathy actively engages in product reviews for cat and dog owners as well.

Joyce’s Dogs

As a professional dog trainer who runs a dog training and swimming class business, Joyce provides a wide range of useful training stories about all kinds of dogs. Joyce does K9 Nose Work training, which allows your dog to use the natural desire to hunt and the unique ability to detect scent and determine the source.

Le Pouf Luxury Pet Care

Alisa, the founder of Le Pouf Luxury Pet Care in Kirkland (WA), writes wonderfully informative articles based on her professional experience with pets. The blog is a fantastic resource for people with questions regarding their dog’s health and well being.

The Life and Times of Dozer and Cooper

This blog is the diary of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Dozer and an American Cocker Spaniel named Coop. Dozer and Coop tell very entertaining stories about their daily lives.

Look Back Photography

Look Back Photography strives to capture photographs of the human/animal bond. Carolyn loves animals of all shapes and sizes. She captures everything from their favorite activities and daily routines to that cute tilt of the head and loving expression that you only see at home.

Murphy’s Bird Dog Blog

Murphy’s Bird Dog Blog is for owners, hunters, and fans of bird dogs. A number of bird dog enthusiasts use the site to actively share their experiences, tips, techniques, and concerns with one another. Although this blog is geared towards bird hunters and their dogs, Robert shares useful health tips for dogs along with stories of his dogs’ adventures near his home in peaceful Idaho.

My Life In Blog Years

Elizabeth, Penny the Dachshund, and Luna the Golden Retriever actively review family-friendly dog products and host fun events such as the "Daily Dog Challenge - With a Quote", where readers can participate by thinking of favorite quotes and taking photos with their dogs to illustrate those quotes. Elizabeth’s photos are amazing as well.

Oscar’s Doggie Days

Besides being cute and photogenic, Oscar the Boston Terrier was born to make this world a better place. With about 700 Facebook fans and blog fans, Oscar raises awareness for causes such as cancer and dog rescue.

Patz Dogs

This Oregon based Chihuahua blog keeps visitors up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Chihuahua breeder Patz-Dogs. They keep you alerted to new pictures for their newest Chihuahua puppies as they become available. Patz Dogs also shares any discounts and special deals on dog care products and new dog training information.

Paw Alaska

Paw Alaska supports local homeless animals and promotes adoption and events such as haircut fundraisers for homeless animals.

The Pet Haven

Matt, a true pet lover and owner of two dogs, discusses the joy of all things pets. Some of his many discussions include animal abuse, animal communication, pet food, pet insurance, pet stores, product reviews, therapy dogs, and the benefits of pets.

Portland Pet Community

This all-encompassing pet blog works as a great resource for families looking to adopt pets in the Portland area.

PUP Dog Rescue

PUP stands for People United for Pets. It is an active non-profit organization that lives up to their name. Their blog introduces homeless dogs looking for permanent homes through meaningful activities, which include relocating dogs from shelters, adoption events and blood drives held at various locations in Western Washington. Since it was established in 2006, PUP has successfully placed over 1,000 at-risk dogs (and cats) into loving homes where they can live full and happy lives.

Raindog Photography and Pet Services

In addition to fun pet photo shoots for clients, Jenny donates weekly photo shoots at the Seattle Animal Shelter for use in the Seattle Channel’s CityStream program that helps homeless dogs find new homes. In Jenny’s Raindog Photography blog, you can find candid pet portraits of those adoptable pets.

The Retriever, Dog, & Wildlife Blog

Scott shares his thoughts and ideas about dogs and their place in our society. This blog explores the history of that relationship, and how it can be improved.

Rosie’s Blog

This is a blog of Rosie’s life and how she spends her time at work, at play and with her friends and family. Chris, Rosie’s human, is a talented photographer, and his photos of Rosie and other dogs in the great outdoors around Seattle are entertaining to look at.

Secret Schnoodle

Bailey the Schnoodle, who hails from Everett (WA), blogs about her daily life with Baxter, Brody, Benson, and Walter (three standard poodles and a miniature schnauzer). Their life stories (told in doggie-like language) are illustrated with photos, and their healthy perspectives on humans make for an entertaining read.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Sit Means Sit Dog Training’s blog focuses on tips for running a dog training franchise. Topics range from marketing strategies and financial assistance to launch requirements, customer service skills and the hiring process. This is useful information for any business owner.

The SP Kennel Dog Log

Skunk’s Place  Kennel is a premier sled dog racing kennel in Two Rivers (AK).  Aliy strives to make this Dog Log the most educational and entertaining internet source on sled dog sports.

Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa

Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa’s blog shares professional know-how and ideas on dog grooming and healthy living.

Vancouver Island Pet Expo

The Vancouver Island Pet Expo is held in the Victoria, BC area. This event will enhance business opportunities for exhibitors by greatly increasing consumer contact and awareness of their pet friendly products and services. For upcoming Expo events, its blog actively features community participation and local dog news.

Wet Noses : The Organic Dog Treat Company

Wet Noses: The Organic Dog Treat Company’s blog shares the company’s energetic and dog-friendly team’s stories and useful dog tips. Wet Noses' products are USDA Organic certified and made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients.


The owners of three border collies, a terrierist, and the WooTwoo (Mr. Woo and his brother, Twooie), entertain and amuse their audience through stories and amazing photographs.

You Did What With Your Weiner

This site illustrates what small dogs are capable of through the sharing of the fun adventures of two weiner dogs. The site's mission is to become the best resource for people who hike with their small dogs. Moreover, it posts reviews of products and accessories, provides tips on hiking and fitness and generally celebrates the adventurous small dog.