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If Bo & Gus could talk they would say...

Woof! Thanks for another super fun stay at Bone-a-Fide! Their human family says thank you also. The boys have been staying at Bone-a-Fide once or twice a year for quite a few years now. We leave knowing they are safe, happy, and will hardly miss us they're having so much fun! We wish we could take them with us everywhere we go. But, since we can't, we know they can come to Bone-a-Fide and have a great vacation too. Thank you to the owner Lauren, Bryan (the nice guy I usually talk to), and the rest of the wonderful staff. You guys are the best! Bo & Gus say... see ya next summer! Woof woof!

xoxoxo, The Petersen Family

While searching for somewhere that would take care of our 6 month old Aussie/border collie mix...

we came across Bone-A-Fide. We took her for a Sat. visit and were sold. That was almost 10 years ago. We have never had the need to go anyplace else. They listen to your dog's needs and follow through during the stay. Recently our dog had a shoulder strain and we needed to go out of town. Their less active dog area was perfect and gave us peace of mind while gone. We don't think she would be happy anyplace else. When we make that turn off highway 9 into the driveway, she is so excited, especially to see her dog wrangler pal Brian. Thanks Bone-A-Fide, see you soon.

~ Donna and Kirk Stopenhagen

You guys Rock!

You took such great care of our two dogs! They absolutely love it, and came back exhausted. Which is a great sign they had fun : ) I would recommend this Ranch for any dog owner!

~ Jena

Our yellow dog "August" is only 1 years old, but he has already boarded at The Ranch three times...

4-7 days each stay, and he truly loves it there. How can we tell? We just can! He always looks happy and healthy when we pick him up, and is he ready for a bath and good nap once we get home. We are very comfortable dropping him off The Ranch whenever we go out of town.

~ Scott MacIntire

Bone-A-Fide saved my dog's life, literally!

We were in Hawaii for 10 days and Lucy, our much loved 7 year old lab-golden mix was at Bone-A-Fide. One of the staff noticed that Lucy seemed low energy and wasn't eating much. Lauren, the owner, took her home overnight to watch her. Lucy had a fever and didn't seem well, so Lauren brought her to the emergency vet. It turned out that Lucy needed emergency surgery to remove a seven pound tumor on her spleen that was bleeding. If Lauren had not brought her in that night, she would have died. Lucy survived the surgery. Since we were on our way home from our trip and couldn't be there, Lauren visited Lucy at the vet to snuggle her and bring yummy treats when she wouldn't eat the vet food. We were lucky to find the tumor was benign! After a week of hospital recovery and a month of serious TLC at home, Lucy recovered fully. We are eternally grateful for the wonderful attention, love, and care Lucy received from the staff at Bone-A-Fide.
Thank you,

~ Lucy's family (Stan, Sophie, Jillian, and Elliott)

Before we moved here, I went to another doggie day care. I had fun there, when I only went for the day.

I didn’t like spending the night though and I wouldn’t eat for them for the first six months that I was going there. They weren’t my mommy and daddy and I missed them, so I would wait until I got home to eat (even if it was for 2-3 days). Then we moved here! My mom was very cautious about what doggie day care to put me in, because while I love to be Mr. Popular, I really am just a home-body who likes to cuddle. My dad took me up to see your place and WOW it was so exciting to see all the dogs and . . .and how much the people really like dogs –well actually how much they like me 😉 [kisses]. And you have no idea of how surprised they were the first time I spent the night and I ate for you! I got lots of extra cuddles for that one!

My mom and dad wait until the last moment to tell me that I am coming to doggie day care to play, because I just get SOOO EXCITED! I run around and I forget to listen and I run around and well you get the point. But I am starting to learn what they do to get ready to take me, but SHHH don’t tell them that! Anyway, I have so much fun there! I love playing with all of the dogs and bouncing for the people and just being with you Lauren! Oh by the way, mom can’t even say your name, because I know it and I know that means I am going to get to SEEE YOU!!!! That is just SO EXCITING!

My mom also said I have tell you THANK YOU like a million times, because she says that you guys saved her during all of this moving we just did into our ‘forever home.’ I have moved with them before, many times, but for some reason I had a real hard time adjusting to this house and I would not let my mom be more than three feet away from me at any time or I would panic. So on days that she was really busy, I would come play at Doggie Day Care and get to see all of my friends and that made me feel much better! Mom said it also helped me adjust, something about all the changes and Lauren and Doggie Day Care still being the same and familiar. Each time I came back to my new home, I was more relaxed and would settle in a bit more.

I know you know how much I Love You, but I am not sure you know how much my mom and dad appreciate you! They like you almost as much as I do 😉 [kisses].

With All My Love!
~ Charlie

My Sammy. Bone-A-Fide wranglers ….you have your hands full with him. He is spunky, friendly and a little wild – but so darn dear to us. And he loves all of you.

We have to be very careful at home not to say going to the “bye- bye outside” cause our rather large pup will get that wild look in his eye and lose his composure (what little there is) until we leash him up and get him to “the ranch”. Who knew he could kiss so much. All the way there he just sits in the back of the Subaru and smiles. On the way back –he lies down and sighs….a very contented sigh. If it weren’t for the ranch our condo bound puppy would surely be depressed. His once or twice a week outings have made him content, and very happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for treating him so special.

Mattie his schnauzer mix girlfriend thanks you too – she doesn’t have to do as much disciplining when he’s been to the ranch!

~ Janice

I have been taking my Doberman Ella there for a long time...

and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service. I know she will come home tired and happy. The van driver and wrangler, gives Ella so much attention and is so friendly and upbeat. I think he is just great. Thanks for what you do, I recommend you to everyone I know!

~ Alyssa

Thank You!

We arranged for our dog Kevin to stay with you when I went into labor. You picked him up and brought him back to us happy, exhausted, trimmed nails and freshly bathed. He has adjusted to the new baby very well. We attribute a lot of that to having them meet after spending a few days running around and being happy at your place.

You came highly recommended and we have been telling everyone we know how wonderful you are. Thank you so much for taking such great care of our first baby:)

Sincerely yours,
Ann and Arsenio Navarro

From the moment Siyah and I went out to see the Ranch about five years ago, I knew it was the place for us.

I'm not what you'd call a fussy person. The thought of having my girl in a pristine, sterile kennel with limited outdoor access was not for us.  She's always been my camping & hiking buddy after all!  What I loved about Bone-A-Fide was that you got a rugged, clean, down-to-earth setting both indoors and out.  When dogs board overnight they have bedrooms in a house with compatible roommates, not a cage.  I love the family feel!

There are always people with the dogs supervising at all times.  Did I say people?  I meant so much more. But how do you describe a team that clearly loves dogs and what they do?  They have taught me things about Siyah that I didn't know, and identified times when she was sick or injured before I did. On the rare occasion that my girl was on the receiving end of a nip or scratch, as dogs will be dogs, they always called to let me know what happened.

This past year has been a hard one.  Siyah battled cancer and underwent the loss of a leg.  The Ranch team worked with me so that she could still go out and get loved-up. She enjoyed her office time and the hours spent napping in the dirt while getting her belly rubbed.  And when she felt like running around, she did that, too.  The drivers were willing to lift a 100lb dog into the van, and help train her to use the ramp I purchased, just because they cared so much.  It seemed there were no requests I had they couldn't accommodate because they honestly loved her, too.  Sadly, she did lose her battle as the cancer spread.  Bone A Fide was the last place I took her that final day for goodbyes on our way to the vet.  I don't know who cried more, me or the team that had bonded with her over the years.

Happily, Siyah had a "brother", Laddie, move in with her when I connected with his "Dad" a couple of years back.  l adore this huge fur-ball, and he loves The Ranch.  He typically goes five days a week to get plenty of exercise and to be with people and dogs.  He was a bit of a chub at 135 lbs when he first started going, but lost 30 lbs in about 6 months from all the play time.  Monday nights he comes home TIRED.  We love it!  But mostly we love that we have such an amazing place to send him each day, and a trustworthy place to board him when we need to.

I swear that I could go on and on and tell more stories and express more gratitude for the care and service they provide, but I think you get the picture.  Speaking of pictures, if you visit the office, ask to see my Siyah (see-ya) in one of the many photos I brought by.  Look at the faces of these kind humans saying goodbye to her.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  They are right.

~ Jeri

Bone-A-Fide is heaven for dogs — and heaven for dog owners.

Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior, pack mentality, and breed-specific traits. It is so evident that they love every single dog they care for.   We have complete peace of mind and confidence when we board at Bone-A-Fide.

We love the convenient hours, the gifted dog wranglers, the beautiful acreage and stylish facility.    It is truly canine nirvana.

~ Melanie & Jim

Bone-A-Fide is truly a unique experience for my Golden, Milo.

I recently moved up from Texas and knew I would be doing a lot of traveling and needed a place where Milo could go and not be home sick. He got that and more! Bone-A-Fide is a vacation for him. Sometimes I think he likes it more than home. With acres of off-leash areas and other dogs to play with, Milo never went bored. He receives around the clock attention and play from the employees who know him by name. The employees at Bone-A-Fide love the dogs like each of them is their own pup. Every time I go back to drop Milo off, I open the gate and he takes off running, ready to play with the other dogs...that’s how you know it is quality! I recommend Bone-A-Fide for anyone looking for an amazing place for their furry friend!

~ Mark

I can't wait to see my friends at Bone-A-Fide!

Every time I get close, I start to whine and hang out the window because I know I'm going to have so much fun!! My Mom loves Bone-A-Fide because when she has to leave for a while, she knows that I'll be safe and get lots of exercise. She used to feel sad because at my old place they had to drag me inside by my leash. She always felt bad leaving me there. But with Bone-A-Fide, I jump out of the car and run to the gate to get in! Sometimes when it's time to leave, I go back in the office instead of following my Mom. I just love all my people there — they love me and I love them!

Thank you Bone-A-Fide!

~ Ollie

After two years of dealing with Kona’s severe separation anxiety, my husband and I were convinced we’d never be able

to take a vacation without it being spoiled by worrying about what havoc she was wreaking back home. That is, until we found Bone-a-Fide.  Despite her desperate escape attempt during the first night she was there, she wasn’t banished for life. Instead they beefed up security (you can thank Kona for the extra-secure metal plate under the entrance gate) and worked calmly with her existing “quirks” while also letting her be true to her doggy nature.  Now she loves Bone-a-fide and barely gives either of us a backward glance when we drop her off there, whether it’s for a day or two weeks.  She comes home happy and exhausted.  Unlike most doggy daycares, Bone-a-Fide is truly a dog’s paradise! The owner and the staff are really committed and you can tell that it’s not just a job; they truly love and care for these crazy mutts!  What a relief. Thank you Bone-a-Fide, for giving us our lives back!!

~ Nicole

We’ve been sending our dog Kayla to Bone-a-Fide for four years now...

...and trust them completely with her care. She goes once a week for daycare and eagerly leaves our house with John, the van driver who is always excited to see her. We can always tell by how exhausted she is that night that she’s had a blast playing with all of her friends all day. When we leave on vacation, it’s such a relief to know that she will get the best care and the most exercise while we’re gone. All of the staff know her by name and are always eager to see her. The van service has made life immensely easier for us as well. Every area should have a dog ranch like Bone-a-Fide.

~ Jody Zawacki, DVM

Dear Bone-A-Fide, You are a patient lot. 

Case in point; you have put up with me for nearly 13 years! I know I am getting old and lumpy, my legs are creaky and my hearing and eyesight are not what they used to be, but I’ve still got a puppy face and a little spunk left! Not many people guess my age. And I was honored, yet shocked, to find out I was your “longest/oldest customer”!

So this is a note to say thank you. I don’t go out to “the ranch” twice a week anymore, like I used to, but still get to visit you all when my owners are out of town! You have offered me the best care, the most attention and the most love of anyone outside my own pack. You make me do my happy dance! I recommend you to all my friends! So thank you, for 13 great years. I’ve still got some spunk left in me, and plan to visit you for years to come…or as long as I am able.

~ Biscuit, owned by Helen & Terry

My name is Bailey and I'm a hound dog.

Dog ranch day is my favorite day! I get to run around and use my nose to track things. Boy, do I let folks know when I'm on the scent! I hear that other dogs go to indoor places, but that's no fun for me - I spend enough time on the couch, thank you! There's plenty of time to do that once I'm home after an exhausting, fun day at Bone-A-Fide.

~ Bailey

Hi. I’m Hunter the English Lab. My sister Hazel and I come to Bone-A-Fide several times a week to play, and Mom and Dad let us stay here when they go out of town.

I’ve gotta tell you: Luggage is the greatest! Any time it appears in the house I know it’s time to take a vacation to the Ranch. The Ranch is the best. We get to dig holes, explore all of the great smells that we can find, and both come home smelling like dogs are supposed to smell. Sometimes I like to find a muddy spot and see what I would look like as a chocolate lab. It’s hard to pick my favorite Bone-A-Fide memory because I’m a dog, but one that my parents seem to like is the time that the staff threw me a birthday party at the owner’s house. We were spending a few nights at the Ranch and had just settled in after dinner when they decided to bring us over for a surprise party. There were treats, bones, toys, and everything! There was talk about it being thrown for someone else and they just happened to invite Hazel and me, but I know better.  You don’t just HAPPEN to invite someone to a birthday party a few hours before they turn three!

~ Hunter

We cannot Thank, or Recommend Bone-A-Fide enough.

Our Pickles absolutely LOVES her time there.  The staff has been so helpful and understanding.  We used to have Pickles on a pick-up and drop off schedule a few days a week.  Her "driver" is absolutely courteous and professional.

When we recently had a sudden move and schedule change, the Bone-A-Fide staff went above and beyond to accommodate us.  By taking Pickles on short notice and making allowances for our new schedule, we have been able to keep our dear girl rather than have to re-home her.

Pickles is a high energy breed and needs lots of play time, her quality of life is greatly improved by the love, play-care and sleepovers Bone-A- Fide provides for her.  The staff are all easy to communicate with and have been very understanding of our special needs during this chaotic time. She is so happy to see her driver when he comes to get her, her entire body wiggles.  She comes home a well-behaved, happy girl every time. Again, we simply cannot thank everyone there enough.

Lots of love and slobbery puppy kisses.

~ Beth, Shane and Pickles

I know Bone-A-Fide has made Murphy one lucky dog.

I always knew that he was having a great time when I saw how excited he was to see the van and the person who came to pick him up. When we went on vacation, I never thought twice about whether he was okay; I thought he was on vacation, too. While it was nice for us, to not have to worry, Murphy was the lucky one. I am thankful to everyone who made his day, wore him out and cared for him.

~ Carla

I have been coming to Bone-A-Fide since shortly after I adopted my dog Max.

I was impressed with the grounds and the cabin accommodations for the dogs. When I first left him there, I admit to being a little nervous about how he was going to do, since he was so both new to me and new to Bone-A-Fide. Fortunately, the staff were fantastic and gave me updates when I emailed them while on vacation.  They appreciated that he is, by nature, a nervous dog and took extra care to see that he adjusted well.  I bring Max to Bone-A-Fide every time I leave town (and sometimes, even when I am in town, when I think he needs a field trip). He runs right up to staff and greets them affectionately. It is always great to see this since he is traditionally such a shy guy.  I can see, very clearly, that the staff cares a lot for Max.

~ Devika

Our dog, Miles, has been staying regularly at Bone-A-Fide for at least seven years.

Whenever miles stays at Bone-A-Fide, it gives us peace of mind because we know he is well-cared for and because we know that he loves staying at Bone-A-Fide.  It is kind of embarrassing for us that he always looks disappointed when we go pick him up.  He cries when we take him to the car and pretends that he needs to sniff something or pee and then he tries to get back into Bone-A-Fide property.  We know he loves it there and the staff at Bone-A-Fide have always been professional and caring.

~ Leticia & Marc

Our weimaraner, Rhino, loves Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch!

He has experienced day boarding with pick-up/drop-off service as well as long-term boarding. He always comes back healthy and tired out! I was home one day when he got picked up for daycare and I have NEVER seen him so excited to see someone! It’s great to board your dog somewhere you know they love!

~ Melissa

Our Hazel and Hunter are regular daycares and boarders at Bone A Fide, and they LOVE it.

I can’t begin to tell you how much of a blessing it is to come home at the end of a trip or a long day and find the dogs more wiped out than we are!  The greatest thing about Bone-A-Fide is the personal attention that each dog gets. The staff truly loves each and every dog. One example: The dogs were boarding one night when the staff threw a birthday party at the owner’s house for one of their own dogs. Hazel and Hunter were pulled away from their doggie dreams to join in the festivities, and they spent a lovely evening tearing the stuffing out of the “party favors” and fattening themselves up with bones and treats. The best part was that it was the night before Hunter’s birthday! You don’t find that kind of attention just anywhere. Bone A Fide has become a second home to our dogs, and I can’t imagine leaving them anywhere else while we’re gone.

~ Louise

Bailey is our lovable hound and has been vacationing once a week at the Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch for several years.

He is a friendly dog but, being a hound, Bailey loves (and needs) an outdoor place to play. He enjoys wandering around - sniffing, baying and basically following his tracking instincts (he loves squirrels). We know that he wouldn't be happy in an indoor kennel and we love that he comes home exhausted and content!

~ Mark

I have been going to day care and have stayed for over 2 weeks at a time at Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch. 

I used to have severe separation anxiety, but the Wranglers took the time I needed to adjust to a new environment and to socialize with other doggies.   I am now much more emotionally regulated when staying away from my mom and dad.  I have so much fun running and playing with all the other dogs.  I love coming back here to play with my friends.

~ Sami, Pamela’s dog

Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch has been a lifesaver for our two dogs, Coffee & Jack.

We live in an apartment in downtown Seattle with no backyard and wanted to find a daycare plus boarding facility that allowed Coffee & Jack to play outside, run around in a large natural environment, and socialize with other friendly dogs.  Most importantly, we wanted to make sure they were safe and well taken care of.  Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch has satisfied all of these requirements and much more!  They let dogs be dogs.

How do we know Coffee & Jack love Bone-A-Fide?

Our dogs are pretty good on leash, but when they see Josh, a Bone-A-Fide driver & handler, they forget all their manners and run straight to him. They really love Josh.  Josh treats them as if they were his own dogs.  He crouches down to greet them and when he puts Coffee & Jack in the van he makes sure they're comfortable, safe, and secure before he whisks them away to doggie play land.  When Josh drops them off after a long day at daycare they are happy, exhausted, and dirty.

When we drop Coffee & Jack off for boarding their tails go crazy when they realize we’re heading to Bone-A-Fide.  They can’t wait to get out of the car and forget all about us as they run up to the main office and then into the play area.   What’s great about Bone-A-Fide is its cage free. Boarding is also guilt-free for us, because we know Coffee & Jack will have the time of their lives, and are in safe hands.

The best thing we like about Bone-A-Fide is that the staff really LOVES dogs.  Everyone is super friendly, helpful, and take phenomenal care of Coffee & Jack.  They truly care about their well-being.  We have a hard time leaving Coffee & Jack with anyone, but we trust everyone at Bone-A-Fide.  They also don't mind worried parents, like us, calling to check in.

~ Caroline & Juan